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There are a lot of helpful resources available to students to gain understanding of higher education in the UK and to help differentiate universities and programmes. Each BEST of U representative can also offer guidance while you're exploring your study options in the UK.

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Subject specific tests

Some UK universities require students applying to particular subjects to take an additional test as part of their application process. It is important for applicants to know if an additional test is required because the testing dates may be early in the application process, there may be limited test dates, or the test results may be required before the application can be fully processed. If a university requires an additional test, this will be included on that university’s website under the programme’s entry requirements. Some common subject specific assessment tests are:

The UK does not have a general postgraduate admissions test, like the GRE, and universities do not ask for GRE scores. Some Business Schools in the UK may ask for the GMAT, and if this is a requirement it will be included in the programme’s entry requirements outlined on the relevant university’s website.

Federal aid

Students in the US and Canada who are eligible for student loans in their respective countries may be able to use those loans in the UK as well.

Canadian students can apply for loans in their province and work with their choice of UK university to apply the funds towards their fees.

US students can fill in FAFSA to apply for federal loans, not grants, which can then be applied to fees in the UK. Once students fill in FAFSA, they can then work with their choice of UK university to navigate how the funds can be applied in the UK. The amount available to borrow may differ on the student and/or university.

Can I change my subject at university?

Degree programmes in the UK do not include general education requirements. Instead, students start studying their chosen degree subject in the first year. This can make changing degree subjects difficult, but it can sometimes be possible for students depending on the university and chosen subjects.

There are some considerations students should be aware of relating to changing degree subjects:

  • Firstly, a visa is granted for a student to study at a specific university for a specific programme, so if a student changes their programme whilst at university, and they require a visa to study, they would need to apply for a new Tier 4 visa.
  • Secondly, the ability to change programmes will depend on space available in the department and programme in which the student wishes to study.
  • Thirdly, depending on when the student wishes to change programmes, they may need to add time to their degree programme in order to fully complete the work required.
  • Lastly, students would need to meet the entry requirements of the new programme. It is important that students have the appropriate background for any subject they wish to study.

We would encourage students to communicate with their academic adviser when considering a change to their degree programme. Policies may differ at each university.