Counsellor Tours Feedback

We have had some amazing groups of counsellors visit with us on our Counsellor Tours, and received some of the feedback below from previous participants.

"I can truthfully say that I have never participated in a a better tour in 15 years of counseling than this one."

"I am in love with this area and these colleges. This is truly the best college tour and I am so appreciative of those who planned it and escorted us through each and every campus."

"This was one of the best counselor tours I've ever been on (and I've been on quite a few). It was an excellent pace, and was so nice to have sightseeing days in between school visits. I felt like I learned as much about the region as I did the schools. The hospitality was top-notch at every school and I would immediately recommend this tour to any of my friends or colleagues."

"Nothing can replace walking a mile in a student's shoes...and being on the ground, speaking with faculty, and immersing myself as much as possible in the student experience really helps me to both help my students find a good fit, and equally importantly, help them understand the value of an education on these campuses. A global/international education is a key buzzword among several of our families, but they also want some assurance that the cost and travel thousands of miles from home is a good investment in their son's futures...being on campus and networking with faculty and admissions staff provides me with the tools for more effective conversations."

"Fantastic week - the best college tour I've ever been on! I feel that I know much more about the UK college system and your schools specifically and am eager to share this information with my students. I work with a population that would fit quite nicely with all of your institutions academically and socially and can't wait to spread the word. Nice balance of work and free time - made the visit so much more productive and enjoyable. Thank you, all of you, for a fantastic week!"